Virtual Reality: a fascinating new medium where presence and spatiality are key words. Under the guidance of an award-winning teacher, you get started to build your dream house. To realize this, we use Unity game software and the HTC vive VR glasses as our tools during this workshop. Build your own dream house, be creative, the possibilities are endless!

Virtuality Amsterdam presents the world’s first virtual reality workshop where you will not only be introduced to virtual reality, augmented reality and various applications of this medium, but we will also let you get started in program language “Unity”. This powerful tool allows you to use your creation and build your own dream house. You will be assisted

This workshop is divided into three blocks, in which we use our cutting edge simual tower to immerse you in your own creation. Consider, for example, the use of our Manus gloves in 2nd block, where you are given the opportunity to really feel the object with your hands. In the 3rd block we literally go one step further by walking around through your dream house. We do this with our running simulator, Virtuax Omni.

What can you expect:

Meet the fascinating medium
In two hours you will become acquainted with virtual reality and you will be introduced to the “Unity” program language
Lesson from experienced and award winning teachers
After the lesson, take a look in your virtual dream house with HTC vive glasses
Register for the 2nd and 3rd workshop where you can feel and walk through your virtual dream house through our simulators
Structure of VR workshop


1st Block March 19:

The first workshop involves building your “dream house” through Probuilder in Unity. The course takes 2 hours, composed of the following subjects:

In the first 5 minutes of this workshop you will learn everything about what Virtual Reality is, where it is applied and what you can do with it.
Following is a 25-minute explanation of Unity and Probuilder by Bob, our award-winning colleague.
Then you get to work yourself and Bob implements the built environments in VR and is then able to view your dream house in virtual reality.

2nd Block (date to be determined)

This course is the continuation of the first course and we will continue to build your dream house. Think of objects to fill your dream house such as lighting etc. But what makes this course so special is that we enable you to really touch the objects in your dream house, we do that with our unique VRManus gloves.


3rd Block:

This workshop exceeds all your expectations. Not only do we finish your house completely by building materials and lighting around the house, but we also allow you to walk through your house on our

special VR treadmill Virtuix Omni.


Start of the first block: March 19, 2019 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Registration: Send an email to info@thevirtuality.nl

Study time: 2 hours

Design: During this workshop all necessary material is ready for you (including coffee and tea). You will also be guided by our award winning teacher.

Admission requirements: This workshop is also suitable for the non-technical among us.

Costs: € 95


4 + 14 =

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